Ex-Brazilian Environment Minister Silva visits disaster-hit Miyagi Prefecture


Former Brazilian Environment Minister Marina Silva, right, touches the cenotaph for junior high school students who lost their lives in the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami, in Natori, Miyagi Prefecture, on Oct. 12, 2015. Yuko Tanno, who lost her son in the disaster, stands next to Silva. (Mainichi) NATORI, Miyagi -- Former Brazilian Environment Minister Marina Silva on Oct. 12 visited the Yuriage district in this city, which was devastated by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and ensuing tsunami.


Silva heard accounts of the situation seen immediately after the disaster and how local residents had evacuated and lived in evacuation shelters, as well as reconstruction efforts, from Masayoshi Kosai, 74-year-old curator of the "Memory of Yuriage" museum. The museum, which had been originally standing in front of then Yuriage Junior High School, was moved to a location near the ocean in the spring of this year, together with the cenotaph built mainly by the parents of 14 students who perished in the disaster. While Yuko Tanno, 46, who lost her 13-year-old son in the disaster, was watching, Silva gently touched the cenotaph and prayed for the victims.

"I strongly feel that the people of Yuriage were supporting and taking good care of each other during the disaster even though they were put in extreme situations," Silva said. "No matter how much technologies advance, nature cannot be controlled. Humans are part of nature. Keeping this in mind and making efforts to rebuild the region will lead to a new future."

Silva is visiting Japan at the invitation of the Mainichi Newspapers to mark the 10th anniversary of the launch of the "Mottainai campaign." She is to give a lecture at a Mainichi-sponsored symposium at Sophia University on Oct. 13. The symposium is cosponsored by the AEON Environmental Foundation, Itochu Corp., the Utsunomiya Municipal Government, East Japan Railway Co., Sophia University and Rakuten Inc.
(by Mainichi Newspapers)

Message from Aisha Karanja , Executive Director of The Green Belt Movement


We received the congratulatory message for 10th Anniversary of MOTTAINAI Campaign from Ms.Karanja, GBM Executive Director. The full text(Q&A) is as follows.

GBM Executive Director Aisha Karanja.JPG

Q. Could we have some messages for for 10th Anniversary of Campaign and
appreciation to those who support

A.Congratulations on the 10th Anniversary of the Mottainai Campaign!
The late Prof Maathai saw the linkage between the Japanese concept of Mottainai and the eyesore caused when plastic waste litters public spaces everywhere. The GBM wish to congratulate the Mainichi Newspapers and all supporters on this occasion 10th anniversary of the Campaign. The story of Mottainai both in Japan, Kenya and around the world will continue to unfold and educate about the need to be more responsible, accountable and respectful in the way we utilize and share the limited resources on our planet. The Green Belt Movement is both humbled and honored to be associated and being part of this Campaign for a noble cause.
We appreciate the support received by the Green Belt Movement in this last ten years with funds received from the Campaign – Thank you!

The donations received over the years have supported various projects and ensured that the works of empowering the local communities continue and this support from you has continued even after the demise of our founder Prof. Wangari Maathai.

Q.GBM has planted 3.8million trees at the foot of Mt.Kenya as Mottainai Green Project. Tell us the future goals for this project.

A.Through the support from the Mottainai Green Project, 3.8 million trees have been planted , contributing greatly to the Community°«s quality of life. The greening project has accrued tangible benefits and services to the local residents around mount Kenya and Aberdare Region that has greatly improved their household livelihood securities°« These include
•More disposable income for the rural women who have diversified their household income generating activitiesas a result of compensations received from trees seedlings they plant and provide for planting.
•The rehabilitated forest sites and restored habitats have continued to provide ecosystem goods and services to the local communities. The flash floods and soil erosion has been controlled resulting in better crop yields and household food safety in the region.
•The project has greatly resulted in reduced human induced ecosystem failure, forest fires and human-wildlife menace. The peaceful coexistence between humans and other species that are dependent on the forest resources has led to tranquility and peace in the region.
The project is focusing on provisions of incentives and empowering local communities engaged in conservation activities. This is through building their entrepreneurial and business skills on the establishment of nature based enterprises such as beekeeping and honey production.This is in addition to continued tree planting activities.
The project further aims at reducing the pressures on the forest resources by providing sustainable clean energy to the local communities °«for both lighting and cooking.
Indigenous food production and diversification is safety net for household°«s livelihoods°« and as an adaptation measure to climate change which the project will continue to integrate in its implementation.

Q.Tell us the GBM°«s Current situation, how to succeed Prof. Maathai°«s legacy.

A.Today the Green Belt Movement continues to seek ways of highlighting the critical and central role the environment plays in changing the lives of the communities we work with as envisioned by our Founder Prof. Wangari Maathai. By upholding all that she stood for we have succeeded greatly in keeping her legacy alive. Her daughter, Wanjira Mathai who worked to ensure International Liaison during the times of Prof. Maathai now chairs the Board of the Directors of the Organization that her mother founded. . This has renewed sense of optimism and resurgence of the spirit of environmentalism from both our partners and local communities°«
The world commitment to legacy and ideals of our founder Professor Maathai on green livelihoods models and climate justice continues to rise as was demonstrated at United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties (COP 20) in Lima –Peru. A plaque in honor of Prof. Maathai for her actions in promoting sustainable development, democracy , peace and environmental conservation through tree planting was unveiled at a Park in the town of San Borja, Lima (Peru). A ceremonial tree planting at the Park too place on 9th Dec 2014 led The Former First Lady of Peru, Mayor of San Borja, Mayor of San Isildro, Rodolfo Beltran, as well as Ms. Wanjira Mathai, Chair of the Board of the Green Belt Movement.9th December 2014.
The Green Belt Movement feature in the Al Gore°«s 24 hours of Climate reality show. A global call for 24 hours of hope in October. The Organization°«s milestones towards empowering communities in resilience towards Climate Change challenges was featured around the world/
We are implementing projects within 30 priority watersheds in the 5 major water towers (i.e. Mount Kenya, The Aberdare, Mount Elgon, the Mau complex and Cherangany). GBM has 6500 tree planting sites in critical watersheds across the country with a total of 4000 tree nurseries that have been established.
We have increased our focus of towards sustenance and preservation of our historical achievements across the five major water towersby promoting the uptake of clean and sustainable energy initiatives and provision of ecologically sound livelihood options are introduced to the communities we work with.. The effective energy technologies (EETs) and improved cook stoves (ICS) is an intervention towards reducing deforestation and a mitigation measure against climate change that we are advocating for in all our networks across the country.

Q.How do you wish to continue MOTTAINAI Campaign?

A.The Green Belt Movement wishes to continue being involved in the Mottainai campaign to ensure that through our Watershed based approach to tree planting and water tower protection campaigns and activities rehabilitation of degraded areas in the Mount Kenya region continue

By working with the county governments in the new devolved system in Kenya GBM endeavors to continue raising more awareness through:
•Awareness Creation: To raise awareness of the Mottainai concept and connect it with the campaign to eliminate persistent organic pollutants in Kenya and other chemical wastes
•Policy Advocacy: To lobby for county government policy review on the production toxic wastes and to advocate for legislation for better plastic waste management.
•3R Promotion: To promote the 3R campaign- reuse, reduce and recycle by promoting the use of alternative bags and containers to replace thin plastic bags within the counties.

The first Disco Veggie in Japan collaborated with MOTTAINAI Campaign


Slow Food Youth Network Tokyo launched the first Disco Veggie in Japan on Monday, July 21, 2014 at Koenji (Koenji Station, North Exit), from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. More than 130 kilograms of food that would have otherwise been wasted were rescued, prepared and shared among about 300 participants.

Over 40 volunteers and members of the public came together to wash,peel, chop and cook fresh but unwanted fruit and vegetables that would otherwise have beendiscarded: blemished broccoli, supersized zucchini, excess onions, peppers, celery, cucumbers,mushrooms and other top quality produce coming from local farmers. The meal was prepared and distributed for free at the sound of music provided by DJs, encouraging a dance celebration while the community worked to organize tasting activities and groceries giveaways.

The event partners and supporters included UnitedShotengai Association of Koenji, Suginami Ward,Second Harvest Japan, JA Nagano Yatsugatake, JA Nakano-shi, JA Shinshu Suwa, JA Sakuasama,No-FoodLoss Project by the Ministry of Agriculture,Forestry and Fisheries, Slow Food Suginami Tokyo and MOTTAINAI Campaign Office.

Disco Veggie is part of the Disco Soup international grassroots movement that raises awareness on food waste and works to °»fill bellies not bins°…. The goal of the event is to illustrate the unimaginable quantity of food that goes to waste every day and empower the public to recognize positive solutions to the global issue. The anti-food waste phenomenon started in Germany, followed by a mass scale Disco Soup staged in Paris in October 2012. Events have since been held internationally in Holland, Belgium, Canada, Colombia and South Korea, serving thousands of meals to the sound of disco music.

Slow Food Youth Network Tokyo is the youth group of Slow Food Japan, the Japanese chapterof Slow Food, a non-profit, member--°ĺsupported organization founded in 1989 to counteract the culture of fast food. Slow Food Youth Network Tokyo seeks to connect to the other SFYN groups globally and help moving the local culture away from the destructive effects of an industrial food system and towards the cultural, social and economic benefits of a sustainable food system.

Disco Veggie was the very first Japanese event of its kind, but it is not intended to be the last and o ther international initiatives are willing to collaborate. Feeding the 5000, a campaign aiming to empower and inspire the global community to enact positive solutions to food waste, and SAVE FOOD, FAO°«s Global Initiative on food loss and waste reduction, will in fact work towards the same objective as the Slow Food Youth Network Tokyo in Japan.


(Reported by Slow Food Youth Network Tokyo)

Ms. Mathai visited Japan in February


Ms.Wanjira Mathai, who is the daughter of Nobel laureate Prof. Wangari Maathai visited Japan late in February.

She had been working as an executive in charge of the international section of the Green Belt Movement (GBM). After her mother's death, she exerted herself for the financial affairs, organizational reform, etc. of GBM, and was elected as the chair of GBM board of directors this January.



Kenya marks second anniversary for Wangari Maathai


On the morning of the 25th September 2013, Kenya marked the second memorial anniversary of the late Nobel laureate and environmentalist, Prof Wangari Maathai, at Karura forest in the capital, Nairobi.

The country's First Lady, Mrs Margaret Kenyatta, paid tribute to the late Prof Maathai at the commemorative event for her work in environmental sustainability, women empowerment and peace building.





The first energy-saving education video in Indonesia was completed and the announcement event was opened in Jakarta in August. Mr. Tomosaburo Yano, the policy adviser of JICA produced this DVD in association with Indonesia government and JICA.DVD explains intelligibly "recommendation of saving", such as turning off the electric switch, turning the temperature settings down by anime etc. The famous singer, Ms. Agnes Monica who is most popular in Indonesia also makes special performance.


New release sale on wrapping cloth (Furoshiki) which flips water


The Japanese wrapping cloth "MOTTAINAI Aqua Drops" (photo)which gave special waterproofing was put on the market. New Furoshiki have two color types of blue and purple and is printed by the campaign original design which describes the woods and the animals in Kenya.


It is made from polyester with waterproof coating. So it can be used as a bag wrapping clothes such as T-shirts, swimming suits, and wet towels in hot spring while you are traveling. It will also become a rain cover instead of a raincoat if you carry it out on a rainy day. You can know how to wrap with the illustration be drawn on translucent bag. 3150-yen.

Prince of Wales joins the memorial event for Prof.Maathai



His Royal Highness Prince of Wales joins Green Belt Movement International at the memorial for Professor Wangari Maathai at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew.

On March 28, the Green Belt Movement International- Europe office held a special celebration for the life and legacy of Wangari Maathai in London with His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. The Green Belt Movement Kenya Board Chair and Executive Director, and the Green Belt Movement International – US Board members and advisor joined to make it a truly international event.


"MOTTAINAI Declaration Event" in Rome


sengen_roma.pngThe charity booth of MOTTAINAI Campaign was run in the bazaar held at the Japanese school in Rome, Italy on October 2012. There were also some workshops making half-split chopsticks and "MOTTAINAI Declaration event"
which people swear the activities for 4R (reduce, reuse, recycle, respect), held on this occasion.


ITOCHU to Run Booth at Third Jazz Concert for Children November 5, 2012


ITOCHU Corporation sponsored the °»Kodomo no tame no jazz concert°… jazz concert for children hosted by the non-profit organization KidsFun (located in Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter °»KidsFun°…) on November 10,
2012 at Roppongi Hills and will exhibited a booth with the MOTTAINAI Campaign office, hereinafter °»MOTTAINAI°…), a worldwide environmental initiative in which ITOCHU participates.



KidZania Eco Shop Pavilion Activity No. 3: Make Your Own Chopsticks to Carry Along


ITOCHU Corporation launched °»Make Your Own Chopsticks to Carry Along°…
using home-grown wood at KidZania Tokyo°«s Eco Shop pavilion. ITOCHU has
been an official sponsor of the pavilion since April of this year at
KidZania Tokyo, an interactive facility where children can experience
diverse occupations, which is operated by KCJ Group Inc.



MOTTAINAI contribution window to T point fund-raising site


MOTTAINAI Campaign was newly added to one of "T point fund-raising"
windows on T point official site T point Japan manages.
T point fund-raising supports the afforestation activities by Green Belt Movement which the late Prof. Wangari Maathai founded.
1 point convert to 1 Japanese yen. And the official site is now receiving your support = photograph .



MOTTAINAI flea market in Miyagi



MOTTAINAI flea market 2012 in Miyagi will be held at Sendai-city and
Rifu- town on September 15th- 17th.This flea market is planned as a charity event for the sake of the reconstruction assistance for the earthquake and tsunami disaster victims. It will open 150 shops, and also open kids flea market for children, °»northeast product exhibition & gourmet°… where you can enjoy the local delicious cuisine etc.
Admission free. See this site for details.

Start of KidZania Tokyo Eco Shop Pavilion Activity No. 2


kiz-0810.jpgThe second activity at KidZania Tokyo°«s Eco Shop pavilion," Make Your Own Eco-Bag for Shopping" has started from August 6th, when children can design and create their own original Eco-Bag for Shopping using MOTTAINAI Campaign and KidZania character stamps.
The bags are made from Pre Organic Cotton that supports cotton farmers during the shift to organic cultivation, so children can also learn about the importance to support the shift to organic cultivation.

We will hold an Eco-Bag for Shopping Design Contest and present an award for the best design(> image of the contest site).

The MOTTAINAI Laundry Campaign


°»The MOTTAINAI Laundry Campaign°… has started from June.
This campaign appeals for the importance of environmental conservation through the power and water saving goods produced by the major manufacturer of drugs and detergent,Lion. It was jointly planned by Lion and MOTTAINAI Campaign office. If you answer to the quiz or enter the giveaway after buying Lion goods, you can get a washer with dryer etc.
Applications close on August 31.

The target goods are such as "Bright W /disinfection & antibacterial"
etc. which can remove the bacillus cause bad smell and also lead to water saving by using the remaining hot water= photo. On the packages , the logo marks of MOTTAINAI campaign are printed out.
For inquiries, contact the secretariat at 06-6535-2156 between 10 a.m.
and 5 p.m. on weekdays or

The MOTTAINAI kitchen mat



The MOTTAINAI kitchen mat = photo, the licensee good of MOTTAINAI Campaign which utilized reproduction mixed yarn with won the grand-prix (Japan Fashion Association chairman-of-the-board-of-directors prize) in the Plastic Daily-necessaries Excellent Product Contest held the other day.
This productis made by OKA Inc (Kainan-city, Wakayama pref.) using the recycled , waste threads and cloths which came out by the manufacturing process.
The angles of this mat are round with a skid. And it is also easy to wash and dry since it°«s thin cloth. The original illustrations of the Campaign depicted the Kenyan trees and birds were also highly evaluated.
The size of the mat is 45 cm in length, 120 cm in width, price is 1260 yen (including tax). You can buy through this MOTTAINAI Shop

The "MOTTAINAI Festa 2012



The "MOTTAINAI Festa 2012" (sponsored by MOTTAINAI Campaign office and others) will be held in the Akiba open space on the first floor of Akihabara UDX, Tokyo on June 23 , 24.There are lots of enjoyable events and corners to be scheduled, such as `°…Hand- made market°… which sells the handmade miscellaneous goods and °»Kids Furima° fleamarket°ň°…which children can learn the importance of things and money, °…Toy Park °… at which will be arranged the unique goods for Akihabara, such as figures, animations, antique toys. Some sales will be contributed for the afforestation activities by the Green Belt Movement in Kenya.
Moreover, in the station square near the gate for the electronics street of JR Akihabara Station, the "Farmer's Market" will be held by the producers who suffered damage from the East Japan great earthquake.
This event will send .environment-friendly eco-activity messages from Akihabara, cutting edge town of communications technology.
Admission free.

Photo: The MOTTAINAI hand-made market held at Kichijoji PARCO,Tokyo on April 15th

MOTTAINAI vending machine



°»MOTTAINAI vending machine" hit the streets=photo. When the drinks
° cola, coffee, tea ,fruit juice or etc.) are purchased by this vending machine, the part of payments will be donated to the Green Belt Movement of Kenya which the late Prof. Wangari Maathai founded.
These machines are installed by Japan Pepsi-Cola Sales Corp. which agreed to cooperate with MOTTAINAI Campaign.
The machine is equipped with the heat pump type apparatus carrying the system cools everything effectively. Also this is outfitted with the sunlight block film which is the first such system to come into practice with the vending machines.
The exterior is designed with the MOTTAINAI original illustration, the woods, animals in Kenya that can appeal the company°«s approach to environment and philanthropy for the visitors or the persons concerned.

MOTTAINAI booth opened up at LOHAS FESTA



The eco-event "16th LOHAS FESTA" was opened on April 28th - 29th at the open space of the Expo. 70 Commemoration Park east in Suita-city, Osaka.

This event which proposes an environment-friendly life style was crowded with 70,000 or more visitors. The booth of MOTTAINAI Campaign opened up for the first time on this event and many people visited to pick up or check the wide varieties of eco-goods= photo.





ITOCHU Corporation and ITOCHU Electronics Corporation announced that they would be joining forces with JCB Co. Ltd. to launch the MOTTAINAI Gift Card, a server-based gift card aimed at expanding ITOCHU°«s MOTTAINAI Campaign. The first batch of cards will be available from Wednesday April 18, 2012, in the form of MOTTAINAI Reconstruction Assistance Shopping Coupons and MOTTAINAI Eco Shopping Coupons, aimed at assisting with reconstruction following the Great East Japan Earthquake.